Onyc Hair Reviews – Genuine

My ONYC Hair Review


My decision to go natural was not an easy one and since I’m a chicken the Big Chop was not an option. I wanted to transition slowly instead so I decided to get a weave to start growing my hair out. I’ve always been partial to hair with some sort of texture whether it be wavy or curly because super straight extensions have never been my thing. I had decided to no longer relax my hair and was very curious about natural hair and wanted to get an idea of how I could possibly look with natural hair plus I wanted an idea on how it would be like to care for natural hair. I guess you can say I wanted natural hair on a test drive to see if it would work for me.

After researching a couple of different brands and types of kinky and curly hair extensions I decided on ONYC’s Mongolian Kinky Curly hair in 3b-3c because it looked the most realistic in the many YouTube reviews I watched.

I finally pulled the trigger and placed my order. The hair is quite expensive, it is described on the website as Virgin Remy cuticle hair that undergoes a process to create the curl. The hair is human hair and can be straightened and styled just like human hair and should bounce back to it’s curly state without any degradation of the curl.

I wanted a realistic look so I went for two bundles in 18 and 14 inches, nothing too long especially in its curly state. I also purchased the small closure; since my hair was still relaxed so having a “leave out” was not an option.

Ordering & Shipping w/ ONYC

The ordering process from the ONYC was simple and the shipping process went just as smooth. ONYC sends your package requiring a signature so you will get that card that states that your package was delivered to your nearest post office. It’s a little bit inconvenient but when your spending in excess of $200 per bundle the extra security was appreciated. The packaging is great. The bundles come in a hair net and each bundle is tucked carefully into the black and gold pouch with the ONYC branding.

What I think about ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C Hair ReviewImage

What I like about the hair: the feel, the softness, this hair is luxurious! I also love the slight little frizz to it. The curls vary from zig zags to lovely waves. The only things that I didn’t like about the hair is that the 3b-3c texture type still has a very slight sheen to it that I think the 3c- 4a does not have. And although the color on the site says natural black it looks dark brown in natural light. I thought I would end up dying the hair but in the end decided against it. The closure is a work of art. I laughed when I initially saw it (it looks like a little curly toupee) but more frizzy texture of the closure coupled with the curls and waves of the wefts created a seamless look which I go more in depth about in part 2 of this post. I really saw the beauty of the hair once I washed it. Although the hair comes washed and conditioned I washed it again and used the Organix Morrocan Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner and Extra Penetrating Oil and let the hair air dry completely before I had it installed.

Overall the ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curl 3b-3c hair is a wonderful kinky curly hair. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you decide to use it for your next installation.

Coming up next week is more information of the installation, the care of this hair and how it wears after months of wear so stay tuned. Until then check out my gallery.


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