Why Choose Virgin Hair Extensions

Ever wondered why many hair product manufacturers claim that their hair extension products are made from virgin hair? Well it’s because virgin hair extension is the best alternative to natural hair. If you can’t grow your hair that fast, if it’s a challenge for you to achieve the fullness that you want, or if you just want to update your look in an instant, then virgin hair extensions would be your best choice.

1. Virgin hair is more durable.

ONYC Natural Virgin Hair
Because they have not been subjected to any chemical treatment, the hair cuticles remain intact which will make them tangle less. With proper maintenance, you can use virgin hair extensions for up to twelve months. They can be washed, colored, permed, curled or straightened just like your own hair.

2. Virgin hair looks and feels more natural.

ONYV Virgin Hair

Virgin hair have not been subjected to acid bath which can strip off the hair’s cuticles. Hence, they will retain the natural shine and softness of hair and they will blend well with your real hair.

3. Virgin hair extensions have that natural “bounce.”

ONYC Natural Virgin Hair

Virgin or unprocessed hair has a natural bounce or movement. It should feel light and can be easily combed with your hand. It shouldn’t be stiff, hard, or matted because the hair’s natural texture has not been altered.

4. Hair extensions made of virgin hair are more cost-effective in the long run.

Cost Effective Hair Extensions
Yes, we know that the cost of a 100% pure virgin remy hair is quite expensive. But because you are investing on something with exceptional quality, you’ll ultimately save more from buying authentic virgin hair extensions. Believe us when we say that it will cost you more to buy hair extensions every month, spend gas to go to the mall
to purchase your stash, and have your new hair extensions applied and treated in the salon.

Many reputable companies like ONYC Hair are able to manufacture quality hair products such as virgin remy hair extensions at more affordable prices. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous can purchase and wear high-quality virgin hair. if you really want your beauty trick to remain a secret, be sure you find a tool that covers your stunt naturally. So control the impulse to buy the cheapest hair extensions that you can find. Settle for only the best and invest in ONYC Hair 100% pure virgin hair extensions. We’ve got a range of quality hair products for you to choose from.


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