Top 5 Hair Products of ONYC Hair

Having difficulty choosing which ONYC Hair products to try first? Here are our 5 bestsellers that can get you started.

Fro Out.

ONYC Fro Out Hair

This is the latest ONYC Hair texture and became an instant hit! The natural texture of this hair is admired by many. It is very close to blown out naturally kinky African American hair. It still looks natural even if you straighten or curl it. Even those with very active lifestyles can wear the Fro Out without worrying about blending issues or hair movement. Fro Out feels light and is soft to touch. In its natural state, this ONYC hair product has a lot of body but you can tame it down with a flat iron or blow dryer.

Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair.

ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair

This well-loved extensions features hair that practically mimics most kinky curly hair. It is soft, full-bodied, and detangles very easily. We have two typed Kinky 3B3c and Tight Kinky 3C4a. The Tight Kinky Curly which is an exact replica of African American tight kinky curly black hair. This hair gives that fluffy full look but it is easy to detangle and care for.

Relaxed Perm.

ONYC Relaxed Perm

This hair mimics African American Relaxed hair. It blends well with your natural hair and it almost doesn’t tangle or shed. Many are able to reuse their ONYC Relaxed Perm virgin hair extension for up to two years. The Relaxed Perm has two textures, Light Relaxed perm and Regular Relaxed perm.


Hair Closures

ONYC Hair Closures

ONYC hair is well known for the hair closures with a natural part.  They are made with Full Cuticle hair and has Baby Hair for Most Natural Look! There are hair closures for all the popular products including the Kinky 3B3c, Tight Kinky 3c4s, Relaxed perm and fro out.

Golden Collection

ONYC Golden Collection

Here’s a definite crowd pleaser. Now you can get all your popular ONYC Hair textures in brighter and natural hues. This versatile piece can be worn in any style you want. If you have a unique curl pattern and textures in brighter colors, take a look at this hair product and see your hair’s match.

These are just a few of the bestselling ONYC hair products. Aside from these hair extensions, ONYC Seal-a-Weave sealant is also a top-sellingitem. Shop today and see what else is in store for you.

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