Cleanse your hair in five easy steps

If you have natural hair, you’d understand how washing can be a bit challenging. A splash of water can instantly bring tangles and knots and a head full of mess. But with the 5 easy to do hair care tips that we’ve prepared below, you can get through washing your natural hair with ease.

Cleanse your hair in five easy steps:

1. Prep your hair with oil prior to shampooing your hair.

This is commonly called as “pre-poo” or before shampoo. This basically refers to deep conditioning natural hair prior to washing it with shampoo. Apply a natural oil onto your entire hair, from roots to tips, and leave it for about 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. The oil will nourish your natural hair and protect it from shampoo’s harsh chemicals. Coconut oil is recommended as it not just moisturizes hair, it also helps lessen hair fall. Lathering your natural hair with oil is very important especially if you will be using a clarifying shampoo

2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to lather onto your hair ONCE.

We use shampoos to clean our scalps and the cleansing properties in shampoos can be a bit harsh on our strands. Opt to use sulfate free hair cleansing shampoos and get your scalp cleaned without stripping the natural moisture of your hair strands. Gently massage your scalp. Rinse well with lukewarm water. If you need to further wash your hair, use a conditioner this time.

3. It may be difficult for you to wash your whole head at once if you a full and thick and big crowning glory.

It may be best that you try sectioning your hair into 4 or 6 sections. You may twist or braid sections of your hair and remove one braid at a time and wash it. Remember to keep the roots loose so you can still gently scrub your scalp. Braid the washed section again after it’s done. The process may take some of your precious time but don’t worry, it will be totally worth it as you’ll encounter less knots, tangles and breakage.

4. Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair.

The usual cotton fabric of towels can create tangles and cause breakage. Opt for the softer microfiber fabric to dry your hair. Just don’t forget to squeeze the water out first and avoid rubbing.

5. Check the amount of hair fall and the extent of hair breakage during washing and drying.
A little damage, of course, is inevitable when we handle our hair but excessive breakage and hair fall means that you need a protein treatment. So after your usual hair washing, make sure you keep an eye on the damage your natural hair maybe experiencing.

Remember that a careful natural hair care regimen will save you and your hair from bad hair days. This regimen includes the use of non-drying shampoos, gentle manipulation, and a good washing technique that you’ll get from practice. Simply follow the hair care tips we’ve mentioned and you’ll never endure another hair washing nightmare.


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