Why Choose ONYC Hair Extensions

Apart from the honest and dependable service that you will get from ONYCHair.uk, here are a few more reasons for you to give in and indulge with a bag or two of ONYC hair extensions.

1. It’s the purest hair you’ll ever find!

ONYC Natural HairONYC Hair Extensions come from ponytail hair and its 100% full cuticle human hair. ONYC natural hair weaves are made up of hair acquired from one donor per bundle. That means strands are all in the same direction and cuticle’s natural texture, sheen and color have been preserved.

2. You get raw, unprocessed hair.

ONYC Virgin HairAnd getting virgin hair means you’ll get pure, not chemically-damaged or treated hair. This implies that you can subject your own hair along with the ONYC hair extensions you are wearing to chemical treatments as desired. ONYC Hair’s virgin hair weaves react to chemicals just like human hair so you can color them, perm or straighten them as you wish.

3. ONYC Hair extensions are reusable.

ONYC Hair extensions Our natural hair extensions passed several reuse tests. Many of our customers report that they were able to use ONYC hair extensions for more than 24 months.

4. It’s all about variety.

Variety of Hair TexturesWe’ve got it all and more! We offer a range of hair textures including the sleekest straight Asian hair to Kinkiest African American black hair. We also offer different color options in our Golden Collections. With these, you can find a hair extension that will match your natural hair texture or color and seamlessly blend well with your crowning glory.

ONYCHair.uk offers you top-quality hair products and equally exceptional customer service. You can be confident that you will get more than your money’s worth from your purchase at ONYC Hair.


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