ONYC Hair Reviews: Candice S.

Candice Scruggs practices what she preaches. She is in the business of helping others with being the best version of themselves via weight-loss options.

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Killing Make-up Tips

Cosmetology is a workmanship and with the different routines and styles included in beatufiers application, it can be to striving for a couple of people. So we’ve recorded ten make up tips and traps that your must know so you can set up your face smoothly. With these ten beatufiers traps, you’ll have the ability to faultless your morning calendar.

1. Before applying lipstick, shed your lips using a baby toothbrush.

The fragile swarms can without quite a bit of a stretch and safely clean the dead skin away so you’ll get a smoother surface that is lipstick-arranged.

2. Get a lip liner and draw a X on your upper lip first before putting on lipstick.

Subsequently, you will get a perfect Cupid’s bow.

3. Make your picked eyeshadow shading pop by setting up your spread with white eyeliner pencil.

Run it over your entire eyelid and its dim consistency will make any eyeshadow shade look breathtaking and shocking. Another white pencil beautifying agents trap: use it to line your water line to make your eyes appear to be more noteworthy.

4. Heat your eyelash styler so your lashes will turn smoothly.

Use a hair dryer to warmth a lash hair curler for 3-5 seconds then apply it to your lashes when its still a minor bit warm. Much the same as a hair styler, warmed lash hair curler will issue you bashful lashes that will the whole day.

5. Alright flaky mascara?

Use a saline eye answer for re-wet a mascara that got to be rare.

6. Wear another lippie shade by mixing free hues with petroleum stick or clear lip treatment.

7. In case you wish to change your pencil eyeliner into a gel liner, hold the tip of the pencil under flame for not more than a second.

Issue it an opportunity to cool before applying and there you’ll get a smudgier eyeliner.

8. Need to cover those faint eye circles?

Spread it honestly by applying your camouflage in a triangle-formed manner. That way, you can cover dark circles and puffy eyes without your concealer illustrating.

9. Exactly when applying mascara, use a plastic spoon on your base and upper lashes to thwart getting your mascara on your skin.

10. Strive for sliding strokes when applying powder or foundation.

While we are asked to wash our face and apply face creams using upwards strokes, the reverse is critical when applying foundation or powder. The plunging strokes won’t realize face hanging and rare contrasts, don’t stretch. It is an aftereffect of the facial hair that tends to grow downwards that must be had a tendency to. If foundation is joined using upward strokes, the littlest bit of hair in your face furthermore your foundation will look discernible. So keep the negligible cushioned hairs smooth and concealed by brushing foundation in dropping strokes.

Right away you don’t have to be a specialist to look phenomenal. Endeavor these beauty care products traps and have the ability to apply beatufiers that looks superb and trademark. Once you’ve aced these makeup tips, you can without a doubt highlight your best highlights and hide the flaws without taking so much time and effort.

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ONYC® HAIR REVIEW: Adorable Miya adores her ONYC® hair!

Stylish Jacksonville, Arkansas native Miya explains to ONYC® readers why she just “love, love, loves this hair!”

Read first hand in Miya’s own words the reasons why she is spreading the fabulous news to all friends and family on this “great investment!”

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Top 10 Tips To Get A Career in the Beauty Industry

The saying “first impressions last” especially holds true in the beauty and fashion industry. So if you are looking into getting a job in this industry, make sure the first impression that you give is worthy to last a lifetime. Here are 10 tips to help you showcase a lasting impression that will land you a job at the beauty and fashion world.

1. Display beauty.

ONYC Hair and Beauty

Look the part. Dress appropriately and have your hair and makeup done. Define your style but make sure you don’t overdo it. Prep yourself in a way that is shows personality and professionalism.

2. Display willingness.

Display willingness.

Show them that you have the drive to succeed. Try to be more results-oriented than task-oriented. As an applicant, it is important that you display passion for both the process and the result.

3. Stay ahead.

Beauty tips

Read and keep yourself informed so you’re ahead of the curve. Change happens every minute in the beauty industry and you must be able to keep up with the trends. Read beauty magazines, visit beauty websites and be informed about latest innovations.

4. Prepare a portfolio.


By having an ongoing record of what you’ve done and what you’re doing, you have something to show to support your stories about your personal success in the beauty industry. It shows that you’re well-prepared and conscientious which are two competencies necessary in the beauty industry.

5. Select a path.

Make Correct Choice

Contrary to what most people believe in, there are many career routes in the beauty industry. You can work in a lab to create modern ingredients for cosmetics. One can also apply her creative streak through makeup artistry service for the public. You can also be a part of a beauty school, or handle marketing or product development. Get a clear picture of your ultimate goal and you way towards it will show.

6. Be willing to start at the bottom.

Film Title: The Devil Wears Prada

With perseverance, you can easily work your way to the top.

7. Wear a smile.

community  support concept

Your body language can speak a thousand words so make sure you exude positive vibes.

8. Arm yourself with professional language.

ONYC Beauty

If you kept yourself informed, you’ll surely be familiar with beauty-related key phrases. Use such language during interview to show the in-depth knowledge you have of the industry.

9. Be persistent and follow-up.

Be persistent and follow-up.

This depicts your commitment and enthusiasm to be a part of the industry.

10. Get professional training.


Whether it is from the best cosmetology school or from series of specialized trainings, your professional education can set you apart.

We know some of you are interested in getting more involved in beauty and cosmetology and we want to help out. Take these career tips and get yourself ready to break into the beauty business. If you don’t get the job you want at first try, don’t give up. Improve your skills further and continue learning and you’ll soon find yourself the perfect job at the right beauty company.