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Gabrielle is gracious yet gets straight to the point and does not dear take shortcuts when it comes to quality. She strongly believes she is worth the very best.

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ONYC® HAIR REVIEW: Charismatic Candice s.!

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We have the pleasure of featuring candice S.! The charismatic beauty from Seattle, WA was excited to share her entire ONYC experience with us. We will let you get the facts straight from Candice. Read full review on official website. Follow us on linkedIn.

Seattle, WA

Things you should know about Black hair

Black hair remains an interesting topic. So to give everyone an idea about Black hair and all the care it needs, we’ve gathered some of important facts about Black hair that we think you should know.
There’s a reason why ONYC Black hair weave continues to be a bestseller and we’re glad that we are able to provide solutions to the needs of women not just those with Black hair but those who WANT Black hair as well.

Black hair needs gentle touch.

ONYC Fro Out


Because Black hair is very fragile, you need to apply gentle strokes when handling it to prevent hair loss and breakage. Only use a wide tooth comb for detangling. Fine tooth combs snag and pull kinky and tightly curled hair. Also, be very gentle while brushing so you don’t snag the kinks and coils.

Black hair needs moisture, moisture, and a lot more moisture.

Coconut OilBlack hair, ideally, must stay away from drying hair products such as gels, hair sprays, and hair mousse. If you need to set black hair, opt for leave in conditioners and styling lotions with higher moisturizing properties. This type of hair loves oil. So in case of application or use of drying styling hair products, make sure you lock in moisture afterwards with a light hair oil.

Black hair in braids or weaves can also be washed.

ONYC Tight Kinky Curly HairBraided and weaved hair is washed the same way as any other type of hair. However, more care is necessary to avoid tangles and knots from forming. And because black hair is drier compared to other hair textures,  it shouldn’t be washed as frequently. A weekly shampooing and conditioning is typically more than enough.

Keep minimum contact with black hair.

Keep minimum contact with black hair.

The reason why black hair is kept in protective style like braids, twists and buns is because more contact with hair leads to breakage. The more you touch black hair, the weaker it becomes. Remember that delicate touch is necessary with black hair.

Black hair benefits from night caps.

Sleeping with a night cap(1)Sleeping with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillow case will protect your hair from the movements your head makes when you sleep. This in turn prevents hair from tangling and breaking.

Now that you know some of the essential facts about black hair, we hope that you will be more mindful of your daily hair care routine.

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