Top 10 Reasons for Female Hair Loss

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss but women, in general, experience excessive hair shedding. It is important to identify the real reason behind hair fall to be able to treat it properly. Below is the top 10 reasons for hair loss in females. Read on and find out which affects you so you can apply the appropriate solution to maintain healthy hair.

1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

This is a hormonal disorder and the imbalance affects your entire body. You may notice growth of hair in some parts of your body and hair fall in your scalp.

2. Anemia.

Because of low iron levels in your blood when you have anemia, you have low hemoglobin which implies less oxygen in your body. If not enough oxygen is sent to your hair follicles, your hair strands will be weak and will break easily which will result to hair fall.

3. Pregnancy.

This is again due to the hormonal changes that happened in your body. during pregnancy, your estrogen is at its peak so you’ll enjoy full, luscious hair. But after delivery, your hormones go back to their normal phase and may result to hair fall. You may be surprised at the sudden shedding of hair and the amount of hair falling out from your scalp. But this is temporary and hair growth will return to normal a few weeks after delivery.

4. Protein deficiency.

Keratin is a type of protein and it is present in our hair strands. If your diet lacks protein-rich food, expect your hair to become brittle and fall prematurely.

5. Losing weight too quickly.

Extreme weight loss from crash diet can affect the growth of your hair. You deprive your body of essential nutrients when you ban certain food on your dailymenu. Vitamins A, B, C and D are important in proper hair growth and if you don’t get enough of these, expect your hair to be weak and they will shed.

6. Stress.

Women are more emotional than men and women tend to feel more than anyone else. They get stressed by the simple things and they get easily anxious or worried. Again, stress affects hormones which in turns affect hair growth. Stress is believed to speed up hair loss.

7. Hairstyles and chemical treatments.

Women subject their hair to more chemical treatments and these treatments include application of chemicals that affect the health of hair. Too much heat can weaken the hair shaft. Ammonia used in hair dyes can lift up hair cuticle for color to be absorbed and this can weaken your hair cuticle. Also, the tension from tight hairstyles can trigger alopecia.

8. Hypothyroidism.

This is a hormone disorder more common to women. An underactive thyroid causes your hair, nails and skin to become more brittle hence they will break easily.

9. Brushing hair when wet.

Women are guilty of this. Hair is significantly weaker when it’s wet and brushing it in this condition will surely increase breakage. Wet hair strands cannot handle tugging and tension so they stretch until they break.

10. Lupus.

This autoimmune disease that attacks the healthy tissues in the body affects women of childbearing age. Mild hair loss is experienced by women with lupus but the condition may become severe where rashes and patches on the scalp come out.

Now that you know the top 10 factors that contribute to female hair loss, be sure you make the necessary actions to identify the cause of your hair shedding or hair loss problem. It isn’t enough that you follow the most recommended tips to prevent hair loss. Better identify the source first so you get to prevent the condition from worsening.

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ONYC Hair Reviews: Candice S.

Candice Scruggs practices what she preaches. She is in the business of helping others with being the best version of themselves via weight-loss options.

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7 Facts you ought to know before Coloring your Hair

Whether you’re having a full head change or simply invigorating your highlights, consider these hair consideration tips before having or redesigning your hair shading.

1. Lighter shading harms hair more.

In the event that it is your first time to have a hair shading, consider going darker than going lighter. Striving for a lighter hair shade means blanching or peeling off your hair’s dim shading so that suggests utilization of harsher synthetic to help your hair.

2. Try not to depend on the shading photograph on the container.

At the point when looking for DIY hair shading, don’t accept that the shading in the case will be literally the same shade that will show up on your hair. Keep in mind that the shading result will be significantly influenced by the past shading of your hair.

3. DIY hair shading is incapable in making your hair two shades lighter.

Beauticians propose making an arrangement to the salon when you need to drastically change the shading of your hair in light of the fact that certain chemicals are important to accomplish lighter hair tones. Exploit the mastery of a salon proficient so you can get the careful light hair condition that you need.

4. Patch test is essential.

Preferable be safe over sorry so check if your skin can endure the color chemicals.

5. Clear up before shading.

Uproot item construct up in your hair so you’ll have uniformly hued tresses. Anyhow do this a couple of days before you shading your hair.

6. Avoid the cleanser on the day you’ll color your hair.

The characteristic oil in your hair will shield your scalp from bothering.

7. Shading defensive hair items are fundamental.

Yes, these salon-evaluation shampoos and conditioners for shaded hair are viable in keeping the brilliance and shading of your colored hair. Attempt ONYC Hair items for shading treated hair and perceive how it can shield your hair shading from blurring.

Remember these hair consideration tips and your hair shading will without a doubt look incredible.

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ONYC Hair Reviews: Jasmine S.

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ONYC Hair Reviews: Danielle H.

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